Ladyhawke, Ralph, Anoraak, Natasha Kitty Katt, and Jessie Ware are amongst the amazing group of talented artists who are flooding us with some fantastic disco this month! As we move past the pandemic, we all want to celebrate joy and love, and these fifteen tracks will definitely take you there! 

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1. Ladyhawke - Mixed Emotions

After an extended absence (her last album Wild Things came out in 2016), multiple health issues, and family building, Pip Brown, aka Ladyhawke is back with "Mixed Emotions," the first track from her anticipated Time Flies album, out later this year. The track is breezy and reminds me of the best 70's adult-oriented rock tunes mixed with a modern synth sensibility. If this is any indication of what her new album has to offer, we should be in for a real treat!

2. Ralph - Love Potion

Canada's princess of dance-pop Ralph (Raffaela Weyman) is back with the first track off her new EP Gradience called "Love Potion." Ralph can always be counted on for a great visual companion to her always danceable tunes, and she never met a wig or weave she didn't love! This song begs to be played at every backyard BBQ and pool party! One sip of this will convert you too! Whoooo!

3. Years & Years - Starstruck feat. Kylie Minogue 

Just in time for Pride, Years & Years have managed the ultimate collaboration with the goddess known as Kylie Minogue! Minogue is riding high on the success of her 2020 album Disco, and this collaboration makes perfect sense, as Kylie has been a huge supporter of Years & Years since the beginning of his career. This song is pure celebration. I am "Starstruck" by it, and so should you!

4. Natasha Kitty Katt - Have Your Love (Manuel Costela Remix)

The opening bass groove to Manuel Costela's remix of "Have Your Love" is going to get even the timidest of people onto the dancefloor shaking their groove thang! The treatment is deeply funky and begs to be played under the magic of a disco ball! Natasha Kitty Katt is a chart favorite and this track was perfect for the deep Disco remix treatment. Grab this fantastic track on Spa In Disco now!

5. Temple - Love Machine II

Let's welcome Ben Smith, aka Temple to the chart! He's coming in hot from Adelaide with the deeply funky and sexy "Love Machine II"! This is a slow burner, with synth nods to Giorgio Moroder and a terrific male falsetto vocal. "Baby, baby, don't cry" is the lyric, and I certainly won't if Temple keeps giving us sweet grooves like this one!

6. HP Vince - On The Dancefloor

"On The Dancefloor" is an incredibly classic-sounding Disco track. There is no reason you wouldn't have heard this in every dance club in the world in 1978! Vince Kriek aka HP Vince has such respect for the sounds of disco that it's hard to tell if his tracks are new or old. The strings, the only vocal telling you to get on the dancefloor, the gentle rhythm guitars are all superbly put together to create a classic!

7. Paul Older - Ritmo Paris

Speaking of new classics, Paul Older has given us another one with "Ritmo Paris!" This track is very saxy, yes, I said saxy! This song really does sound like it should be part of a 70's film soundtrack. The title translates to the rhythm of Paris, but this jam can be played anywhere and be just as welcome!

8. Bachebo - Disco & Roses

I am not sure what this track is an edit of, but Bachebo has given "Disco & Roses" a breezy summery vibe and I love it! Taken from his Bachebo Edits Chapter One EP, the track starts with the sweet sound of an old record playing, then the trumpets kick in, welcoming you to the party with open arms. You can find this great EP on Bandcamp now!

09. Jessie Ware - Please

June 11th can't get here soon enough so we can enjoy Jessie Ware's Platinum Pleasure Edition of her magnificent What's Your Pleasure album. "Please" is the teaser track to make us salivate for the additional eight tracks included in this expanded edition. The album originally was released right before the pandemic went worldwide, so don't miss your opportunity to add this disco gem to your collection!

10. Partner Music - Bhanga Slinger (Ben Gomori's Bit More Bhangin' Remix)

Ben Gomori has really stepped up Partner Music's "Bhanga Slinger" with his excellent disco remix! He ups the tempo significantly and adds a bassline that will get you moving right away, along with a sexy vibe that takes it to the next level! You can find this on the EP I Never Said It Was Disco, which is a  little ironic since this mix is definitely disco!

11. Steely Dan - Do It Again (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)

Drop Out Orchestra are on fire right now and I was thrilled to hear their take on Steely Dan's "Do It Again"! There is no reason why a Disco groove should work with this track, which a testament to their talent. The strings are especially pleasing and they were bold enough to add their own guitar treatment, which is risky since people that love the Dan generally consider the songs as untouchable. Bravo!

12. Michael Gray - Over and Over feat. Kelli Sae

Michael Gray is giving me life with "Over and Over"! Kelli Sae's divine vocal performance is restrained enough to find that perfect balance with the instrumentation, giving us musical gold! There is no reason that you shouldn't be playing this all of June since it's pure joy in 5:57!

13. Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas - Willing (Ron Basejam Remix)

James Baron aka Ron Basejam has given a fresh breath of life to the brilliant Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas track "Willing." The track has always been a slow burner, but this version is a bit more danceable than the original and is certainly great for a chill night with friends or the end of a beautiful night at the club.

14. Domestic Technology - Alamo Square

"Alamo Square" is going to wash over you like a wave, a wave of pure dreamy Disco pleasure that is! Igor Butckhrikidze aka Domestic Technology isn't afraid to play with his sound and this track does not disappoint! This is what I want to listen to by a pool all summer long!

15. Anoraak - Karma feat. Sarah Maison

Anoraak rarely misses and his partnership with Sarah Maison has been an especially successful one. "Karma" is oh so smooth, the kind of stuff you want to listen to on a yacht. You will remember Maison's sultry vocals from last year's "Bang" and the vocals are every bit as steamy here! Anoraak is simply creating music for a lifestyle we would all like to aspire to.

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