Loke Rahbek, co-founder, alongside Christian Stadsgaard of the Copenhagen-based imprint Posh Isolation, has released a new album under his solo alias Croatian Amor. Now his fifth album as Croatian Amor, Remember Rainbow Bridge explores how synths can create different moods from the uplifting, to the melancholic thoughts we manage.

The album is an homage to youth and the change that happens between adolescence and adulthood. It can seem like sudden change, but often those are just the stages in the gradual shift of our lives.

The album opener sets the tone using elements that get layered and added as the song progresses with soft synths, fluttering arps and an echoing, pitched up vocal, which serves as a connective tissue for the LP. The title track “Remember Rainbow Bridge” contrasts light and dark with proggy arps and vocal bits, floating above some darker bass growls.

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The album finds that middle ground between the light and cheery moments and then the more melancholic tones on songs like on “Paper Birds” with eyes closed soft percussion and airy chords.

“Worthy Contender” is another growing, cheery tune with some worthy synths to match. The finale “So Long Morningstar” takes a neo-classical turn with pensive strings and synths.

Rahbek capture the ups and downs of the transition to adulthood, but in a calm and subdued way. There are some euphoric moments of exaltation, but it is often toned back from the extremes that life offers. Remember Rainbow Bridge is detailed and beautiful, with a ride best completed in one complete sitting. This is a brilliant album you would be remiss to skip. Pick up your copy in digital and vinyl formats here.