Waving his West-African heritage high, AMÉMÉ gifts us with his vibrant afro-house and melodic heavy sound on not one but two remixes on producer Jan Blomqvist’s landmark 2016 release “Back In The Taxi.” The first remix sees AMÉMÉ bring out his signature sound of afro-house infused grooves and percussions driven by soothing melodic progressions. And if that wasn't enough, his Midnight Remix rendition finds him crafting the perfect soundtrack destined for the dance floor in the late hours. The latter remix leans towards a more progressive house sound, as opposed to the colorful AMÉMÉ Remix.

Born and raised in Benin, AMÉMÉ has been making waves in the dance scene with his unwavering dedication ensuring his cultural roots and ancestry are a part of everything he does. He has found support from none other than Black Coffee and has seen his music signed to Watergate Records, Blond:Ish’s Abracadabra imprint and the mighty MoBlack Records.

Get your copy of the remixes here.

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