Italian-born, London-based DJ and producer Giulia Tess has released a new two-track EP I Feel You. Previously, she has released music on Ross From Friends’ Scarlet Tiger imprint, plus Fever AM and More Time Records. Now she has a new one on HE.SHE.THEY. In addition to the impressive output, she has a monthly show on Threads Radio and has gigged at clubs like Phonox, E1 and The Cause (RIP).

The EP opens with the title track “I Feel You,” which was released earlier this month, featuring vocals from South London’s Ell Murphy soaring over skittering breaks and slowly evolving synth melodies.

The second track “Fru Fru” switches things up with a deep and quirky synth line over an eerie melody that waxes and wanes to the energy of the track as a heavy kick comes to the fore for each “drop.”

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“The foundations of this EP come from the need to talk about love from two different angles; one is more idealistic and brings about feelings that can inspire you, the other is raw, physical and explicit. The acid sound has the ideal characteristics to get this across. To me, it’s a sound that can move people,” explains Tess.

The project is about love for those nearest to her and the love found on a dancefloor.

“‘I Feel You’ isn’t necessarily about romance, but the love I have for those closest to me. Whether that’s family, friends, or a romantic partner, it brings about the same sort of feelings. It makes me feel close to those I love, and sparks my imagination. ‘Fru Fru’; It’s raw, it’s sexy, and it brings me right to the dancefloor. I wrote the track to serve those who want to express their sexuality freely on a dance floor with a huge sound system and without any boundaries,” explains Tess.

Get the EP here.