Above & Beyond’s 2011 album Group Therapy arrived at a time when EDM was booming in the US (and around the world), shifting dance music towards a relentless, maximalist sound. Above & Beyond went bigger with the album compared to 2006's Tri-State or earlier projects, but the emotion was very much still there. Now 10 years on from its original release (10 years and six months), Above & Beyond have put together a 10-year anniversary album with remixes across the board for the trend-setting album.

The anniversary album is being split into two parts – part one is out today and then part two will be released on July 29, 2022. Part two is included with a larger 6-LP vinyl set that includes the original Group Therapy vinyl and all of part one. There are two different packages, so check out which you want on their website.

Part one is out today and has remixes for each song on the album with Pretty Pink remixing “Every Little Beat,” Manila Killa taking on “Sun & Moon,” Hybrid Minds reworking “Love Is Not Enough and the trance trio remixing their ambient track “Prelude.” It may be a bit jarring for the traditionalists who grew with the original album, but new takes on these songs can add some freshness to the tunes. Stream part one wherever you do that here.

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