Subtronics – Scream Saver EP

We kick this list off with none other than the Prince of Riddim himself, Subtronics. The Philadelphia-based dubstep artist is well known for pushing the boundaries of bass and his latest EP is no different. High energy beats, blasting bass-lines, and soaring melodies, “Scream Saver” ups the ante with every track. 

Atliens – Montauk Project EP

The Atlanta, GA based duo boasts a mysterious image. ATLiens embraces their trance-inducing bass onslaught is bound to leave you speechless. Tracks such as “Brainwashed” and “Neutralized” will stimulate your senses and melt your subwoofers.

Krischvn – Baked EP

Krischvn has been making waves in the dubstep community with his “Baked” EP under Wakaan Record Label. Every track is more radioactive than the last, bringing on droning bass lines and hectic overtones. This one will make your face melt.


Champagne Drip & Lucii – Me and You

LA based producer Champagne Drip and Orlando native Lucii bring the feels with their latest collaborative single, “Me and You”. This track has been circulating festivals for some time and it is finally released. “Me and You” brings feelings of euphoria and bliss in a beautiful soundscape that’s as free as it is melodic. This is one for the rave couples out there.

Angelic Root – Thunder Dub

Angelic Root is like none other. This artist’s murky, rhythmic sound elicits the nastiest bass-faces and makes you flow to the beat. Angelic Root’s latest single “Thunder Dub” infuses jazz instrumentals with his drippy trippy sound to present this swaying track.

Jkyl & Hyde – Shields

Jkyl & Hyde drops their latest release “Shields”. This riddim-heavy track is a relentless onslaught of bass. Jkyl & Hyde bring their guttural production to the next level with experimental beat patterns. “Shields” will leave you defenseless.

Kompany & Effin – Chunky

The Los Angeles based producer Kompany brings the heat with Effin on their track “Chunky”. This high-octane track is sure to open up some mosh pits and leave your neck sore.

Aweminus – Stogned

Las Vegas born producer Aweminus gives us a dubstep banger that opens with a club beat that quickly disintegrates into an even more hectic track. This one is fun and fast.