Dana Parker and the 3 to 7 project release their debut album, 3 to 7, after years of working with MTV, VH1, CMT, Comedy Central, and many other media. It is the first time they decide to release an album that will be available to the listeners, finally fulfilling the request of their fans.

3 to 7’s new album includes eight tracks, all crafted with their unique Motown techniques of creation, recording, and production. They offer a unique fusion of modern music technology blended with the best session musicians in LA, among which listeners will have the pleasure to hear Sean Daniel’s drums and percussions, and Christian Wunderlich’s guitar skills and vocals, without forgetting to mention that the latter has worked with Mayor Hawthorne, Tuxedo, Mac Miller and Pit Bull.  

The beautiful “Shotgun Love,” a one-of-a-kind fusion of country and electronic music , or “I Want Your Money”’ atmospheric electric guitar lines, are some of the power tracks on this album that will solidify 3 to 7’s status as a major EDM project in 2020.