The music video accompanying Elohim‘s ‘Tiny Human’ off her upcoming album, Power of Panic, evokes a sense of being stranded, uncertain, and transported to another realm. In this visual narrative, a young woman, portrayed by Elohim, finds herself isolated in an expansive desert landscape, foreign and unfamiliar. The video alternates between clear narrative elements and abstract imagery, leaving room for diverse interpretations.

Echoing the song’s themes, the video underscores the feeling of insignificance in modern society, portraying individuals adrift in their own existential deserts, uncertain of what lies ahead.

“I am in a constant state of dissociation. When I create videos, I like to give a peek into what it feels like and looks like inside of my brain. I feel the Tiny Human video does a good job of this.” – Elohim


However, amidst this existential uncertainty, the video hints at a unifying human experience, emphasizing the interconnectedness and shared vulnerability of humanity. Elohim’s forthcoming album, Power of Panic, represents a leap forward in her artistic evolution, embracing emotional depth within the framework of EDM. With its pulsating basslines and intricate synth arrangements, the album exudes a sense of empowerment and coolness, marking Elohim as a pop icon poised to captivate the next generation.

Elohim, who began her musical journey at the age of five learning classical piano at the encouragement of her parents, now crafts electronic pop tunes. Since her debut single in 2015, she has toured alongside acclaimed artists such as Blackbear and The Glitch Mob, gracing stages at renowned events like Coachella and Electric Forest while collaborating with industry heavyweights like Louis the Child,  Griz, Walker & Royce, Big Gigantic and Skrillex, infusing her invigorating performances with candid reflections on mental health.

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