Yoste has released another teaser track from his upcoming EP, “A Few Brief Moments”. The new track, titled “Boredom”, includes a whimsical melody paired with the humbling vocals of Yoste. “Boredom” and its thesis statement of a hook “could get better/but I don’t like to try” describes what Yoste calls a “defeatist yet optimistic sentiment all wrapped together” and will surely resonate with his peers.

“My current music is about being young, when you’re an adult but there are still enormous mistakes you can make. Introspection is huge for me, and in my new songs I’m trying to be more direct and less esoteric: relationship breakdowns, mental health struggles and drugs, young people struggling, highs and lows, trying to figure it all out.” – Yoste

Yoste – “Boredom” is available now Island Records. The “A Few Brief Moments” EP is set for release on June 5th.