What So Not has finally released his new album and it is filled to the brim with high prile collaborations. What So Not has a relatively quiet 2017 release wise and now we understand exactly why. ‘Not All The Beautiful Things' is a powerful 12 track long play that explores many different styles with massive success.


What So Not did not hold back in terms recruiting some serious talent for his work on ‘Not All The Beautiful Things'. The album includes the infamous collaboration with Skrillex ‘Goh' as well as the jaw dropping production with Dyro, ‘Bottom End'. One the most surprising tunes on the new album is ‘We Keep On Running' which features vocals from Toto whose legendary track ‘Africa' has been revitalized in meme culture.

Worth The Full Listen

Usually when an artists release an album this size there are 3 or 4 filler tracks that seem to have just barely made the cut. That is not the case with “All The Beautiful Things” which is relentless in it's track order. There is really not one bad song on the album, and that is a massive achievement by itself.

What So Not explores many different production styles in the album as his raw talent shines through perfectly. While trap is still the most influential sound on throughout many different subgenres are utilized. Even house makes an appearance with the track, Beautiful'.

Overall this is quiet the crowning achievement for What So Not. Treat yourself to an hour f and listen to this album all the way through. We are entirely ready to be hearing all these songs grace the main stages festivals all over the world this summer. Check it out below.