Caster has risen. A talented producer rebirths into the New Dawn Collective with the release of a demonic dubstep track titled The Summoning. With his identity under wraps, for now, it will take some good sleuthing but one might deduce who the artist was from the cover art of the inaugural track. The branding is clear, this is not for the overly religious or faint of heart. Caster contains visuals of occultism and other unhallowed imagery. Now, anyone can throw up some skeletons and call themselves spooky, however, Caster is not one of those flash in the pan producers cashing in on an October release with some demonic images, he has the skills to back it up. Quality, as well as quantity, is the mantra coming from Caster’s tight-lipped team stating that we could expect one release a month for the next foreseeable future. You can get your first listen to Caster below. May God have mercy on your soul.

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