Classically trained musician turned electronic producer WaTa gifts us with his enchanting new single "Desert." While his previous project Inner City Blues EP saw him moving towards a more hip-hop and neo-soul sound, his new single finds the Hungarian producer crafting mesmerizing synths, ambient sounds and catchy permissions grooves whilst sprinkling a hint of UK underground influences. WATA’s contrast between polished filtered synth chords with raw and energetic percussion loops adds further depth and color to this warm and melodic electro track. 

Inspired by his time in London, where he undertook a Commercial Music course at the University of Westminster, WaTa always seems to be ever evolving, producing vibrant songs that push the envelope.

When asked about the new single, WaTa aka Tamas Varga explained that he “didn't know how to categorize this sound so I came up with the genre 'hipster tropical' for myself. Not sure if this term exists but I think it's spot on!” 

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He pursues “exploring a new sound is always a huge inspiration for me. Finding the tone of 'On My Way' made me finish almost all the instrumental parts of the EP in a couple of weeks.”

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