Calgary-based experimental and footwork producer Shaun Lodestar, aka HomeSick will release his new EP Isolation Tape this Friday. But unlike many releases or premieres, he has paired the new EP with a visual element that is worth watching all the way through.

Warped, trippy and frenetic, the visuals match the pacing of his music, like the constantly evolving animals on the juked up VIP of “Like This.” Inspired by classic juke with a modern edge to them, the tracks move quickly and with great purpose, whether they are the whirring synths on “Dyslexia,” the low skittering drums on “Omen” or the grinding electro “The Double.” There are moments of relative peace as well with the melodic “Arena” serving as an interlude of sorts as you are led down a creepy hallway to more madness.

The last seven minutes are unreleased pieces of noise and industrial sounds set against the visuals that could be a terrible acid trip in the medieval painting section of the Louvre. Enter if you are brave.

“ISOLATION TAPE was my first project using machine learning tools to create both the audio and visual works,” says Homesick in a statement. “Between the creation of the 32-minute audio-visual mixtape and the 7 classic-juke inspired tracks, this project has been the most rewarding so far. I hope you enjoy it.”

The tape will be released to streaming services and download spots on Friday, December 11, but until then, watch the stream below. Pre-order the tape here.

Isolation Tape EP Tracklist:

1. Invocation
2. Weaponized Pleasure
3. Like This 2020
4. Dyslexia
5. Arena
6. Omen
7. The Double