UK based electronic group Electribe 101 has released the Frankie Knuckles remix of their track “Heading for the Night.” It was made 30 years ago, but never given a proper release until today.

The original is an unearthed deep cut that is being released as part of a Heading For The Night EP from Electribe 101. Frankie Knuckles works with the soulful vocal and gives it some Chicago house magic.

“Frankie had already done such an incredible job with ‘Talking with Myself’ and he was smitten with ‘Heading for The Night’”, recalls Billie Ray Martin in a statement. “He enjoyed mixing it so much that he did six mixes, each one brilliant and soulful in its own way. His effortless and perfect vocal production while creating a more danceable version makes this another Knuckles masterpiece.”

Frankie Knuckles previously remixes Electribe 101’s track “Talking With Myself” from their debut album Electribal Memories. Electribe 101’s second, never before released album, Electribal Soul, will be released later this year.

Steam the Frankie Knuckles remix now and get your copy of the package here.