object blue & TSVI

TSVI and object blue have released a new Hyperaesthesia EP that includes three originals, one a vinyl exclusive and a remix from Loraine James.

The EP opens with “Thought Experiment,” a rolling slice of electronic music with drums that tumble over themselves with airy synths swirling in the background. The Loraine James remix of this track hones in on those drums for a more focuses and drum heavy track. “Turing Machine” brings its own occasional burst of drums over a skittering percussion and ominous fx flickering in the background.

This was a fruitful collaboration between the two co-label heads.

“I was curious to see how TSVI and I could merge our sounds, whether we could supplement each other without eclipsing one another, and I'm so happy with the result”, explains object blue. “I never thought I could write with somebody else but this happened so easily. It's been a liberating process, just a pure pursuit of fun, yelling in our chairs when we dropped the beat.”

Get your copy of the EP here.