Truth is back with a refreshing new EP. Released Wakaan Records, their new “Druids” EP is a step into the sonic wizardry that makes up the New Zealand duo.

It is a solid collection of works that truly shines. The EP opens strong with its colossal, low end-heavy title track, “Druids.” The tension of Druids is then relieved with a smoother listen on “Hold Ya Tongue,” which incorporates effervescent chants and flowing water into Truth's patented dubstep style. The third track, “Anubis,” again showcases the New Zealand duo's versatility by seamlessly shifting between middle Eastern guitar and other-worldly, warped production. The EP's eerie, UFO-inspired final track, “Seeing Things,” provides equal doses of haunting accounts of sightings and trippy production to round out the diverse project.

Make sure to check out Truth's new “Druids” EP below!

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