Thomas Xavier has unleashed a new project via Go To Church EP. Out now on User Friendly, the 2 club-ready, highly-infectious G-house tracks are just the mood shifter I needed today! Both tracks are high energy yet groovy at the same time: calm at certain parts while energetic and hype at others. Thomas Xavier is just getting warmed up and is a power house when it comes to quality and impact. Sitting just over 6 minutes long, it's a brief but necessary listen. With more EP’s signed to a variety of labels in 2021, his vision and influence will soon be unavoidable in the public consciousness. Listen to Xavier's EP below and above that read a quote from him on the new drop. Enjoy!

“With my debut ‘Go to Church’ EP I am telling a story of overcoming fear to find yourself in “the rave”.  It is a two track EP that embodies the early days of my music experience where being a gangster meant respecting others & showing love.” – Thomas Xavier