The iLoud MTM MKII elevates your audio mixing and mastering experience.

These new reference monitors offer deeper, louder, and more accurate sound, all while maintaining a compact and iconic design. With features such as advanced ARC auto-calibration and the award-winning X-MONITOR software, the iLoud MTM MKII ensures that your mixes translate perfectly across different playback systems. Let’s explore what sets the iLoud MTM MKII apart in audio production.

Sound Quality and Design

The iLoud MTM MKII builds on its predecessor’s legacy, pushing the boundaries of what a compact reference monitor can achieve. Thanks to its advanced MTM design and precise time alignment, it provides clear, neutral sound with a deep, controlled low end. This design enhances sound quality and reduces ear fatigue, making it perfect for long mixing sessions.

Advanced Driver Technology

The iLoud MTM MKII features two 3.5″ high-performance woofers and a 1″ high-definition tweeter, delivering superior volume, enhanced low-end performance, and improved midrange clarity. The Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange (MTM) symmetrical design ensures precise, point-source sound, making it ideal for close-distance monitoring. This configuration minimizes acoustic interactions and maintains a smooth in-room response, ensuring accurate sound reproduction.

Sophisticated Auto-Calibration

One of the standout features of the iLoud MTM MKII is its advanced ARC auto-calibration. This technology, derived from IK Multimedia’s flagship iLoud Precision series, enhances acoustic performance in any space within seconds. Whether you’re working in a professional studio or a home setup, the MTM MKII adapts to your environment, providing optimal sound. Simply connect the ARC MEMS microphone (sold separately) to each speaker’s mic input, and the system calibrates itself, ensuring reliable monitoring.

Comprehensive Customization and Control

The iLoud MTM MKII isn’t just about superior hardware; it also offers extensive software integration through X-MONITOR. This software gives you complete control over every speaker element, allowing for deep customization and precise delay compensation for improved stereo imaging.



X-MONITOR lets you switch between virtual monitoring voices, emulating the frequency and phase response of top studio monitors and reference systems. With four quick-access buttons, you can instantly A/B your mixes, ensuring they translate well across different playback systems. This feature makes the MTM MKII a comprehensive reference monitoring system, essential for audio professionals.

Compact and Versatile

Despite its advanced technology, the iLoud MTM MKII maintains a compact form factor, taking up 30% to 50% less space than similar designs and weighing just five pounds. It’s an ideal solution for desktop setups in home, project, or mobile studios. The included tilting desktop mounts and isolation pad make it easy to position the monitors, while the bottom mic stand mounts allow for secure placement behind a console or on boom arms, creating immersive setups quickly and easily.


What makes the iLoud MTM MKII stand out from other reference monitors?

The iLoud MTM MKII offers unmatched sound quality, advanced auto-calibration, and deep customization through X-MONITOR software, all in a compact and versatile design. Its MTM configuration ensures precise, fatigue-free listening, making it ideal for professional mixing and mastering.

How does the ARC auto-calibration feature work?

ARC auto-calibration uses an ARC MEMS microphone to measure the acoustics of your space and adjusts the speaker’s performance accordingly. This ensures optimal sound quality in any environment, providing accurate and reliable monitoring.

Can I use the iLoud MTM MKII for immersive audio setups?

Absolutely! The iLoud MTM MKII is perfect for immersive audio setups. Its compact design and versatile mounting options make it easy to integrate into any studio configuration, including ATMOS and other multi-channel audio systems.

What customization options are available with X-MONITOR?

X-MONITOR allows for deep customization of your iLoud MTM MKII monitors. You can switch between different virtual monitoring voices, emulate top studio monitors, and adjust delay compensation for improved stereo imaging. This software ensures your mixes translate perfectly across various playback systems.

How portable are the iLoud MTM MKII monitors?

The iLoud MTM MKII monitors are incredibly portable, weighing just five pounds each. Their compact size and included mounts make them perfect for mobile recording setups, home studios, and project studios.

The iLoud MTM MKII reference monitors are a game-changer for audio professionals seeking deeper, louder, and more accurate sound. With advanced features like ARC auto-calibration and X-MONITOR software, these monitors offer unparalleled customization and control, ensuring your mixes are always spot on. Whether you’re in a professional studio or a home setup, the iLoud MTM MKII provides the perfect solution for precise and reliable monitoring. Elevate your audio experience today with the iLoud MTM MKII.

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