With the rise of labels such as David Hohme's Where The Heart Is Records, Anjunadeep, and Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream, the sounds of organic house music seem to be inescapable.

Because the organic house has the rare quality seen in dance music that makes t perfect for daytime parties and late club shows. 

To celebrate the release of his latest single, which was featured on David Hohme's yearly vinyl mix earlier this year, Ben Tucker took the time to break down his favorite organic house labels that are defining the sounds of the genre.

Stream Ben Tucker's Latest Single Here

'Disconnected' is a masterclass in what makes a beautiful organic house production. The soft drums, the textured ambiance, and the wistful melodies cascading over the top of it all create a torrent of beauty that's impossible not to fall in love with. 

So take a listen to the track below to reset your ears to the sounds of the genre before diving into Ben Tucker's list and description of the best organic house labels that are defining the genre this year.

Wondering WTF Organic House Is? We Got You...

Where The Heart Is

There should be no surprise that I’m including Where The Heart Is on the list. When I first discovered David Hohme’s label it was like love at first sight. 

And now I am lucky to have two releases with the label!

It was the emotion behind each song that really drew me to the record labels' sound, you can really feel the energy and emotional intent of each artist when you listen to any of the releases. David has created such a brilliant platform to showcase upcoming artists, I am stoked to be a part of the community. 

I have been super excited for the release of my new single ‘Disconnected’ and am super grateful to have it released to the world on the label.

Why We Love - Claudiu Adam

Ayahuasca - Peter Makto

All Day I Dream

It is probably safe to say that All Day I Dream is a favorite label for many. The quality of artists Lee Burridge has pulled together is incredible.

It was one of the first labels I found when I first discovered when I first began diving into music production. Every track really takes you on a journey, a journey beyond this world. There’s a spiritual essence to the label and I absolutely love it. The simple artwork design of a cloud floating in the sky is so fitting, especially when each track leaves you feeling the same!

C.A.M - Volen Sentir

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Feel - Sébastien Leger

Lost Miracle

Sébastien Leger is a legend of the circuit and is an artist that inspires and influences my own tracks. 

Seeing his modular show in London was unforgettable, the energy in the room was incomparable to anything I have experienced in a club before. His label, Lost Miracle, brings that exact same vibe. I’m always watching out for the next release!

The playful, fun and emotive releases always bring a smile and loads of energy to the dancefloor. The driving basslines, layered with funky percussion and irresistible synthesizer melodies create an ecstatic vibe that is second to none. 

The Last Dance - Shai T

Flowers In Bloom - Greg Ochman


A label from the islands of Greece, Keyfound is full of magical wonders. Plecta has brought together amazing artists and I cannot wait to hear what more there is to come. I am slightly obsessed with beautiful piano chords and emotive strings. 

When accompanied by drum programming that gets you moving, it's a no-brainer.

I was honored to be able to release my track Faltered Dreams on their label compilation last year, and continue to be a big supporter of all their releases!

Petra - Happy Monkeys 

Gde to Tam - Peshta Gora


Above & Beyond will always have a special place in my heart, they were one of the first dance music artists I had the chance to see live when I was younger. I even have a tattoo of a waveform from their song On A Good Day on my left forearm! Their Anjunadeep imprint has only solidified that respect for them even more.

The classical influence and eloquence in blending genres on their releases is stunning. It's an eclectic label that really pushes the boundaries when it comes to dance music. 

City Lights (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Remix) - Blanche

Petrichor - RIGOONI


Armen Miran’s record label is a collection of masterpieces. The amount of talent Armen has brought together is phenomenal, with hypnotic-like grooves and many different cultural influences.

For me, listening to Hoomidas releases encapsulates the feeling of experiencing something special beyond the physical world, all while never leaving the dancefloor. The Hoom Side of the Sun volumes are one of my favorite compilations to keep an eye out for every year.

The 7th - Double Touch 

Violet Cloud - Söhns