April’s Disco and Funk tracks are here to wash away those winter blues and prepare you for the already active Spring/Summer festival and concert season!

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Gavin Turek – Disco Boots [Madame Gold Records]

“‘Disco Boots’ is a song you listen to when you need to put on a lip, throw on your boots, and go dancing to shake off a relationship,” says Turek, and we are here for that kind of energy! This was the last track written for her upcoming LP Diva Of The People, which we can expect this fall. “Disco Boots” was produced by disco don Art of Tones, and sets the upbeat tone of the new album, Turek will be supporting the release of the album with international tour dates throughout the summer, so follow her social media channels for more information!

Doche – This Feeling feat. Kris McKenzie (Birdee Remix) [The Disco Express]

Brazil’s Hugo Doche has brought his ‘A’ game with his latest EP on The Disco Express label. Birdee has added his Disco spin on the excellent track “This Feeling”, featuring the lovely vocals of Kris McKenzie. This track has summer written all over it, so expect to hear it often during party season!

Audiowhores & Suki Soul – Can’t Stop Me Now [Midnight Riot!]

UK-based Graham Lord and Adam Unsworth, otherwise known as Audiowhores have joined forces with the almighty Hed Candi songstress Suki Soul (Sara Larder) on “Can’t Stop Me Now”, another jam you will certainly be hearing a lot this summer. This track has a super positive lyric, sounds sexy and is sure to fill your dancefloor!

Apparel Wax – MINI003A [Apparel Music]

Apparel Wax is known for its 7-inch series of releases, and April brought us the MINI003 EP. “MINI003A” has a distinctly sweet, Nu-Disco vibe, but side B takes us to a completely different realm of the 90’s/00’s era of dance music. There is a little something for everyone on this unique EP.

4NEY – Coffee & Congas [Fri By Frikardo]

“Coffee & Congas” by 4NEY has a nice hint of Brazilian soul to it, gliding through the ether and into your ears. The track is breezy and a little jazzy, making it perfect for a daytime pool hang or a nighttime chillout with friends. Check it out on Fri By Frikardo now!

Empire Of The Sun – Changes [EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd]

Empire Of The Sun is sneaking up on a quarter century of being a band. “Changes” is a breath of fresh air to their already storied catalog. It’s been 8 years in between albums, and the upcoming LP Ask That God is shaping up to be one of the hot buys of summer 2024!

Reece Johnson – South West Crusin [Tropical Disco Records]

Reece Johnson has made his return to Tropical Disco Records with the absolute heater “South West Crusin”. I’m pretty sure Johnson time-traveled to 1977 and brought back all the necessary inspiration to create a timeless Disco classic!

Stewart Birch – Don’t You Worry [Tropical Disco Records]

Continuing in the theme of classic Disco sounds, Stewart Birch has created “Don’t You Worry”, a track that doesn’t need a lot of lyrics to get you moving and grooving! The track picks up steam at the minute mark and never looks back! It looks like Tropical Disco Records is going to be high on the list of labels to buy music from this season!

YUKSEK – Pure Onda (C’est Pas L’oiseau Jam Mix) [Partyfine]

Yuksek released the Dance’O’Drome remix package on April 18th with an impressive list of talents to remix tracks from the original 2023 album. Yuksek himself took the reigns on “Pure Onda (C’est Pas L’oiseau Jam Mix)”, giving the track a more beachy, sexy vibe. Be sure to play this jam if you want to get a little closer to someone!

Nikka Costa – It’s Just Love [Go Funk Yourself, Inc.]

Nikka Costa just keeps bringing the funk with each teaser release up to her Dirty Disco LP, and in April we get to jam to “It’s Just Love”, reminding us that more love is what we need to keep this planet spinning. The track has more of the early 80s flair that we heard on “Dirty Disco”, with bright rhythm guitar that lets Nikka’s sparkling vocals shine!

Shakedown & Bootsy Collins – Funky And You Know It (Myd Extended Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings]

Speaking of funk, Shakedown and Bootsy Collins got together and gave us “Funky And You Know It” last September, but April gave us Myd’s party-starting remix! Myd has added a Disco party vibe to the track that took a really good track and made it great!

Scruscru & Dwaal – Destination? Funk! [Scruniversal]

Scruscru and Dwaal are both crate-diggers and love finding old records that they can rework and add their stamp to. “Destination? Funk! has a ton of fun sounds that make it unique, from the touches of 303, Disco flute, and a crazy sexy female vocal. You are bound to have a good time listening to this track!

Smoove & Turrell – Geno’s Discotheque (Aroop Roy Remix) [Jalapeno Records]

Aroop Roy’s remix of Smoove & Turrell’s “Geno’s Discotheque” is a great example of how much you can change a song when you strip away most of the vocals. This version of the song has a gentle Nu-Disco feel and breathes new life into an already excellent track.

Nadyne Rush – It Must Be Love (Souls Groove Mix) [Goody Music Production]

Nadyne Rush is an Italian-Haitian singer who has deep roots in Jazz, but her latest LP Run is all about recapturing the dance sounds of the 70s and 80s. “It Must Be Love” leans more toward Disco, and is a great example of Rush’s vocal range and ability to morph into an English-speaking singer.

79.5 – B.D.F.Q. (FSQ Remix) [Razor-N-Tape]

When it comes to transforming a song, FSQ knows their way around a remix! 79.5’s “B.D.F.Q.” is almost unrecognizable in this version, which is a sultry turn around a Disco dancefloor. Don’t worry, all the sass of the original is still there, but this mix dares you to grab a parter and groove with them a little.

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