One of the earliest puzzles you will come across during your time on Eidos 7 in Stellar Blade is a locked door that doesn’t have the usual passcode ready to grab from a body or nearby spot around the map. That is because the code for the door is actually tucked away in the environment, on the clock tower nearby.

After getting stuck on the puzzle ourselves for a bit, we eventually worked out how to open the door. Below you can find the door code answer, as well as where it is in the environment. After opening the door, you can then progress forward and make your way towards where Adam wants you to go.

Stellar Blade Clock Tower door code

The Clock Tower door code in Stellar Blade in the commercial area of Eidos 7 is 1225. When you are in this area of the commercial district, you can look up at the clock behind the door. The time on it reads 12:25, which is the code for the door.

You can actually find this answer solution on a data bank entry in the area. So, if you found that body, you would have known where to find the code for the door. But, these are tucked away in corners of each area, so chances are you might have missed it easily. You will need to get the angle right too as the sun may block your view of the time on the clock.

Stellar Blade Clock Tower Door Puzzle: Even can be seen looking up at the clock.
Credit: Shift Up

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