Stellar Blade has a ton of side activities and items to find as you explore. A good amount of them are supply boxes that are locked or areas that are blocked off. To open them, you will need to find passcodes which are scattered throughout the world on dead bodies or in ruins.

Below, we have put together all of the Stellar Blade Passcodes which you can use to open these boxes and doors scattered across the game’s open world areas and linear levels. Some of the characters on the code don’t match up exactly as they are gibberish symbols. So, some letters and numbers will look slightly different in the game.

For example, 6 means the 6-looking symbol with a squiggly line instead of a straight curve and u is the upside-down n with a line on the left. Simply, find the symbol that matches closely to the letter below. Any major changes will be marked.

‘Stellar Blade’ Passcode Answers

The full list of passcode answers in Stellar Blade is:

  • r0ar0a – unlocks Silent Street Gate (Eidos 7 – found in the room by the gate)
  • B0ak0r – unlocks Silent Street Pharmacy Supply Box (Eidos 7 – found on a body at the end of Silent Street by the apartment buildings
  • dBukdB – unlocks the flooded parking lot door (Eidos 7 – found on body behind fence underwater in the parking lot)
  • aau0B0 – Unlocks the rear gate in the Flooded Commercial Sector (Eidos 7 – found in the commercial sector on a body up by the shop, left of the main path forward)
  • 1225 – Unlocks the gate in the back of the Commercial Sector by Club Bpema (found by looking at the Clock Tower puzzle behind you)
  • λuak0k – Unlocks the underground Memory Tower (Eidos 7 – found on a body by the tower)
  • uYkIaB – Open a supply box in the monorail car hanging in the open field in the north-east of the Wasteland (Wasteland – found by killing a small robot on the hillside south-west of the monorail car, far south of the large canyon heading north)
  • aZaZaZ – Opens the supply box in the south, on the cliffside by the robot enemies – north of the lake. (Wasteland – found at the target shooting range on the raised cliff in the east of the map)
  • yB0aλa – Unlocks the supply box just south of the passcode location, in the far east of the map (Wasteland – Dropped by the robot inside the destroyed building in the far east of the Wasteland)
  • 0nYYYz – Unlocks the Aerial in the Wasteland (Wasteland – found in the south-west of the Wasteland, on a body in a blue container in the giant ship)
  • unλaun – Unlocks the side door leading to the vent tunnel (Altess Leviore – found on a body further down the corridor)
  • aY6u06 – Can be used in the sewers once you head deeper to open a Fusion Cell (Matrix 11 – found on a corpse after the train section. Enter the train and head through the hallway and then right to find the body)
  • ekak6Z – Can be used on the Fusion Cell ahead once you reach the sewers (Matrix 11 – found in the sewers. Head down the ladder and you can find it near a body)
  • λBkB6B – Unlocks the box deeper in the area (Matrix 11 – found in the Rotten Labyrinth, upon reaching the Fusion Cell door, head up the yellow ladder and swing across to the other ledge to find the robot with the code)
  • unλ6ka – Opens Gate 4 deeper within the tunnel (Matrix 11 – found in the last submerged train on a corpse)
  • unZEEY – Unlocks the Solar Tower Area (Great Desert – found in the south of the desert – in the center, dropped by the robot)
  • nnauu6 – Can be used to open the box in the dome inside the broken building (Great Desert – found at the base of the giant dome in the east)
  • I0Ynkλ – Used on the terminal after climbing up and along the railings (Spire 4 – found by the dam. Walk into the center and open the door to find the code on a corpse)
  • nEYBEY – Can be used to unlock the nearby doors (Spire 4 – In the Ralphael Space Center, examine thee corpse by the circular wall at waist height)

That covers all the Stellar Blade passcode answers throughout the game. If you are working your way through and completing the many requests on the board, be sure to take a look at the answer for the Simple Puzzle quest, and the Wisdom Puzzle quest answer.

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