Squired and Cerdin have teamed up for a powerfully dope new collaborative single entitled “Proxy”. From New York City to Canada these two trap powerhouses connected and teamed up for a song that is some of their best work to end the year on. I've ran this one back a few times now and still can't get enough of it. The hypnotizing vibe throughout the track will have you coming back for more, so tap in now below. Check out a quote from both artists below and under that stream “Proxy” enjoy!

“One day I was experimenting with my new OP-1 and ended up creating the initial idea for what would become ‘Proxy'. Cerdin and I began collaborating online from NYC to Calgary and worked very fluidly. Most of my releases up to this point have been on the more melodic side, but this track feels pretty left-field compared to our usual sounds, and honestly I'm so proud of it. I've come to the realization that this one is the start of a new style and sound, which I've been incorporating into my own recent productions, and I think you'll be able to hear that in my music going forward.” – Squired

We connected over the pandemic through similar communities, and Squired and I immediately felt driven and inspired by each other's work. Collaborating on something that felt so personal to both of us during a time of physical barriers showed that creativity transcends the physical world. Over the following months we began to send ideas back and forth. One of them ended up becoming ‘Proxy,’ which came together so naturally as a blend of both of our sounds and energies.” – Cerdin