Sistek’s latest single “Simple,” is an uplifting radio-pop anthem coupled with summary feels and mellow melodies. Featuring the vocal talents of Knightly and Josh Wood, the song is structured as a male-female duo, adding to the track’s sense of playfulness and infectious energy. Featured artist “Knightly” says that the track came together at a three-way studio session:

“we were feeling the same things that day; this worry and anxiety, this pressure and this relentless pace of life. After the break we went back in and I blurted out that first line of the song and we knew what to say from there. The song mirrored our feelings and it all just felt so easy and…simple.” – Knightly

The song’s charm lies in its honest storytelling abilities, as both Knightly and Josh go back and forth, exploring the notion that it’s the small positives of life that outweigh the negatives.

“Simple”, in keeping with Sistek’s previous releases is filled with wholesome Pop melodies and genuine lyricism sure to make it a hit. In the past, the Chilean producer’s tracks have accumulated nearly 19 million streams, with his biggest hits like “Pitfalls” being played in high-end stores like Zara worldwide. Teaming up with singer-songwriters Josh Wood and Knightly, Sistek delivers a memorable electro-pop single with “Simple.”