People generally don’t celebrate six year anniversaries in style, but UK label Shall Not Fade didn’t get the memo. They have released a 24-track, triple-LP compilation that features some impressive artists and tracks.

6 Years Of Shall Not Fade looks to capture the diverse sound across their various sub-imprints. The first LP focuses on the main label, the second on their bass-orientated sub label Time Is Now and the third on both sub-label Lost Palms and Shall Not Fade’s “classic cuts” and “killer cuts” series.

There are some big tunes by the likes of Cinthie, Liam Doc, Kilig, Subjoi, Justin Jay, Tour Maubourg and others that all capture the sound of the imprint that they have been a part of. It is a large compilation to round out the year, but absolutely worth getting through. Pick it up here.

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1. Black Loops - Makes Me Feel Dis Way
2. Kessler - Pipe Dream
3. Liam Doc - Don’t Worry About It
4. Lis Sarroca - Always Chasing Rainbows
5. Cinthie - Crystal Groove
6. Barry Can't Swim - Everything Is Going To Be Alright
7. Harrison BDP - Neither Here Nor There
8. Felipe Gordon - Most Ethereal
9. Bakey - Mashed
10. YOSH - On The Horizon
11. Ell Murphy & Soundboy Cookie - Make It
12. DJ Crisps - Lickwood
13. Justin Jay & Edward White - Only You
14. DJ Swagger - Go2hyde
15. Groovy D - Reezybiz
16. Subjoi - 2009
17. Kilig - A Little Chemistry
18. Tilman & Phonk D - Infinitive
19. Marc Brauner - Drip Like Water
20. Jordan Brando - Summer Space
21.Tour Mauborg - Put Aside All The Sadness
22. Swoose - Epping (Ascending Mix)
23. Adelphi Music Factory - Come Back To Me
24. Dylan Dylan - La Piscine