After the major success of his debut EP, Scott the Pisces is back with his brand new single ‘Crazy About You’ featuring Raene. A vibrant bubblegum pop & electronic track; fuelled with summer undertones and light hearted lyrics. The record is everything you'd want to find in a super-versitle Summer-esque record that is perfectly set up for not only festival play but consistent radio play all Summer long. This type of versatility is vital to own as a producer and Scott the Pisces does it perfectly! 

‘Crazy About You’, written & produced by Scott, is a song about the magic of meeting that special someone. How their presence can uplift your mood instantly, the unique connection to one another. The hook riffs off the idea that once they’re in your life, you can’t stop thinking about them; the memories you share. 

This record pays homage to a number of classic sounds in pop music. Like everything from Scott the Pisces, there’s a sense of nostalgia within the music. The sound of steel pans in the chorus, marimbas in the verses and playful melodies throughout really capture the essence of both summer, and the magical feeling of love. 

The song is voiced by the wonderful Raene; an upcoming artist from London.