Releasing his new highly anticipated EP "Realising How to Act in Certain Instances" is scott is okay. With 5 vibrant tracks that boast laid-back glitchy moments, the new EP explored themes of change, understanding, and acceptance. 

Released via Yada Yada.. 

The EP mixes glitchy vocal samples and experimental sounds with a sonically warming feeling. On the opening track 'Bad Habits' you can hear these glitchy notes, making it easy to see that Scott isn’t afraid to experiment with his production style, occasionally throwing the off-kilter yet majestical sonic curveball. 

Followed with 'Waiting For MY Turn To Speak', with a warming intro and build-up, the song provides warming yet calming sound with beautiful harmonies and nostalgia-filled electronic sounds which can be noticeable throughout the EP.

As the EP demonstrates his sonic diversity in making music, it also shows why he is on the radar as one of the UK’s finest tastemakers and one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists out of England today. He explains the process behind the EP:

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scott is okay

scott is okay Shares New Album "Realising How To Act In Certain Instances"

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 “I finished everything and looked at the EP, what was I trying to say? A common theme of lack of communication, not being able to articulate myself and all the anxieties surrounding that started to form - and that’s when I wrote the final song ‘Waiting for My Turn to Speak’ and it felt like it tied everything up. Every time I listen to it I hate it, or love it - but I think a lot of creatives get that. I started writing it in 2020 and I see a lot of the old me in this, I see where I’ve changed, and I see where I’m stuck. I still think it’s bizarre to be able to look at moments of my life and categorize them by the songs that defined those times but I’m glad I got to.”

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"Realising How to Act in Certain Instances" is out now on all streaming services.

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