A woman of many talents, to say the least, Texas-native singer-songwriter and actress, Kelly Monrow has become a symbol of resilience and motivation. The multidisciplinary artist with her debut album Scars of Venus, pushes boundaries and forces people to acknowledge personal truths. She leads by example and guides others to find inner peace and self-acceptance.

In her recent Spotlight interview, Monrow opens up about her process of letting go and embracing her wounds: “I feel like it’s an evolution and a process of all the experiences that I’ve had in my past. And what’s really cool is along the way, I really feel like we meet certain people in our lives who are supposed to get us along the way. I call it a midwife, if you will. It’s almost like an old school biblical reference of, like, somebody that comes in and helps you deliver that baby and then they step out.”

Kelly explains: “We meet people for a reason, season, or a lifetime and I know some people have come into my life to help me birth certain ideas or birth the initial spark of creativity….Not all people stay but I am certain now why they come in.” The Scars of Venus artist invites listeners to look at breakups in a new light  and with a more positive perspective.

Advocating for individuality and self-love, Kelly Monrow hopes to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive society. “Let's be brave, let's be ourselves, and let's inspire others to do the same,” says the singer, who had last released Scars of Venus, including the much-loved tracks “Wounds” “Mama Said,” “Wake Up,” “Ain’t Mine,” “Jagged Heart” and “The Woman.”

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