Rony Seikaly's back catalogue guarantees incredibly infectious house music.

The Lebanese/American DJ and producer's latest release, the 'Flying Circles' EP, contains exactly this. EP opener 'Feels Right' is a bright and bouncy track for peak-time dancefloor moments, with the title track a more hypnotic and deeper cut.

Rony - alongside Swiss artist Black Circle - releases the remixes for 'What For' - originally released in April - at the end of July, pulling in Luciano and Gianluca Caldarelli for remixes. Rony himself is also among the remixers.

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On selecting remixers for his tracks, Rony said: "I ask them to give to my story their own twist. I love every remix that each one has done, it’s great to see the music perspective they add to the music story I previously created."

Regarding working with Black Circle, Rony described him as one of the "hottest producers" around at the moment.

Another upcoming release is the 'Mila' EP, named after his daughter. Rony added: "'Mila' is a track that I made with vocals and melodic elements. My daughter, she is almost going to college so the track represent my words to her. She has been my baby for all these years and now she is almost gone to college, so that is what the words mean 'I’ll always be there for you'."

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With 10 years of releasing tunes and DJing behind him - with releases on the likes of Nervous Records, Yoshitoshi Recordings and his own label Stride - Rony's major highlight is the fact people want to listen to what he's got to offer.

"It’s been 10 years of trying to get my music out - it’s always hard to break in with a different style - and the fact that people is starting to listening to it and appreciating is the highlight. That is what I’ve always wanted, is people to feel where I’m coming from and what my style of music is."

The remixes for Rony Seikaly and Black Circle's 'What For' is out at the end of July and Rony’s ‘Mila’ EP is out soon

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