Somewhere in between metal and dance music, you'll find RIP Kenny. The Oregon-based creative is a seeming jack-of-all-trades, effortlessly blending unique styles into one cohesive package.

Leading the charge into his debut LP, RIP Kenny graced new and old fans alike with “Letting Go.” A captivating first look into his forthcoming Escapism LP, “Letting Go” is the amalgamation of intense mountain sports and ferocious music. “I wrote this song after the worst mountain bike crash of my life — breaking my femur, collar bone (clean in half), 7 ribs and puncturing a lung,” explains Kenny. “Before the crash we were already in a pretty terrible situation financially (post-covid), then basically everything in our life started falling in on top of us. I just had this incredible guilt and pain emotionally, we were struggling and it was largely my fault. I think you can hear the pain & catharsis in the song, trying to sort out the acceptance piece of the whole situation. I was honestly apprehensive to be so personal with it, but writing it there were these moments that were so visceral. Ultimately I think the realness that came out of it both enhanced the story and made for a better record.”

You can check out “Letting Go” on your favorite platform here, or find it below on Spotify.