On first listen most likely will not recognize this classic and this is what makes it so great. The ability to recreate something so iconic yet do so in a way that makes the listener feel as if it is an original is not easily done.

The bass hits, followed by a synth that feels as perfect as it sounds, and the smooth vocal delivered from Fayden allows for the track to open up and draw the listener in. Keeping to the original melody that made this song such a classic, was easy, it was creating around it while not taking away from it that is where the genius shows. 

“Overthinking often leads to removing the simplicity that gives a song the ability to connect with its listener” -Fayden.

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Rich Fayden Captivates His Listeners With Newest Single “Don’t Be Cruel”

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For many years remakes have come along, most not holding a candle to the original. Being able to take what was and turn it into something that is, lends itself to those wanting a challenge. With a song so memorable as “Don’t Be Cruel”, the hardest part is making sure to pay respects to the original writers but also impart your own vibe into the creation. Fayden found a way to take that iconic melody and with it bring a slap house production to it that allowed the track to stay true to itself but bring it into the modern musical era. Dropping the vocal down brings a haunting feel that is then uplifted by a synth line that keeps the listener not only stuck to the tune but moving to each kick drum hit.

As we close the year out, Rich Fayden is working on several more releases for the New Year, all of which will bring the style his fans have come to know from him.

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