Revolutionizing the standard of everyday eyewear, GUNNAR is a glasses brand and manufacturer that stands out for a number of reasons. Not only has this company put an abundance of time and resources towards safeguarding people’s vision with their products, but they are at the forefront of bridging gaming and cinema with glasses, setting a precedent for other common accessories.

Founded almost two decades ago on the principles of visual ergonomics, innovation, design, and culture, GUNNAR frequently partners with global brands like Marvel, along video game franchises such as Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed, to make exclusive themed-glasses that you can rock on a daily basis. We had the honor of trying out two of their hottest pairs, the Loki Asgard Edition and Groot Marvel Edition.

Check out what we thought about these unique sets of glasses, from our favorite features to what type of people they are a solid fit for.


You will be able to harness the power of state-of-the-art vision technology with these officially licensed Marvel Entertainment glasses. Crafted from precision engineered polymer, the frames feature rune-engraved gold temples and sturdy multi-barrel hinges. Each pair boasts GUNNAR’s patented lens technology with G-Shield Plus coating for anti-reflective and smudge-resistant properties. 

These glasses effectively block harmful blue light and offer 100% UV protection. They are available in both non-prescription and prescription forms to accommodate all users. Dimensions include a lens width of 53 mm, lens height of 44 mm, nose bridge of 20 mm, frame width of 135 mm, and temple length of 145 mm, weighing in at just over half an ounce (18.71 grams). Each purchase includes a flat-fold glasses case, microfiber pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a 12-month warranty.


Like the Loki-themed glasses, the Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition Glasses utilize GUNNAR’s patented lens technology and G-Shield lens coating, ensuring top-notch anti-reflective and smudge-resistant properties as well. These Groot-inspired glasses are equipped with frames made of sustainably harvested walnut wood, laminated to carbon fiber for improved firmness and tensile strength. They share the flexibility feature in their spring hinges for a customizable fit, akin to the multi-barrel hinges of the Loki glasses but with enhanced adjustability. 

These glasses also block harmful blue light and offer 100% UV protection, ensuring your eyes are shielded whether on Earth or venturing through the cosmos. In alignment with the other Marvel-branded editions, they are officially licensed by Marvel Comics. However, in comparison to the Loki Asgard edition, they have a slightly smaller frame width of 133 mm and a lighter lens height of 42 mm, with a total weight of 20 grams. 

Each purchase includes custom eco-friendly accessories: a glasses case, a microfiber pouch, and a cleaning cloth, all designed to complement the sustainable theme, plus an extended 24-month warranty. Now, with all the technical specifications covered for both pairs, let’s dive into what I genuinely thought about these glasses.


The Cases, Cleaning Cloths, & Glasses Are All Thematically In Sync

Sometimes when apparel and accessory companies collaborate with major pop culture brands, the end-product can be underwhelming and too minimal. GUNNAR’s collaborations are on the exact opposite end of this spectrum. It is worthy to note that their design team went all out on these two pairs, making the full package that comes with the glasses visually cohesive.

In regard to the Loki Asgard edition, it kept a striking color scheme of matte black, dark green, and gold. These three shades aligned perfectly with Loki’s classic outfits and many parts throughout his show and role in the Marvel universe. With the case being mostly black with gold lettering and green-covered ends on the outside, the leather interior was the same dark black with gold lettering used across the other components of the glasses and pieces that came with it.

The Groot edition has a soft microfiber pouch boasts a speckled light blue background, consistent with the cleaning cloth. The brown hard case reflects the walnut-theme of the glasses, and I was captivated by how it used identical font to the show. In terms of general design, I really liked that GUNNAR uses the official Marvel logo throughout all the parts that each pair comes with and the way they spaced out both designs. They do not try to overdo it with visuals, and stick to a natural arrangement that makes you feel like you are fully representing the characters without being cheesy.

The Lens Material, Optics, & Durability

On par with how high-end the overall package of the glasses are and the quality material each pair is made from, the durability of the Groot and Loki Asgard pairs is top-notch. The lenses themselves are extremely resistant to scratched and do not fog up at all. Smudges seem to occur much less on them than the other pairs I have, and the cloths are primed for setting back to brand-new with one wipe.

Arguably my favorite feature is the lenses themselves. They truly feel as if you are seeing the world in a completely revitalized way. Everything sees clearly and the softer, amber tint is gives me a sense of relaxation while simultaneously enabling me to focus on my work for hours at a time. It is pleasing to know that GUNNAR offers sunglasses for these editions and I can definitely see myself getting one or of another Marvel character in the future.

GUNNAR, Loki Asgard Glasses, Product Review

GUNNAR’s Attention To Detail & The Overall Visual Look Of The Glasses

The attention to detail that GUNNAR puts into each pair of glasses it drops is phenomenal. Something minor that I really loved about the Loki Asgard glasses is that the case had Viking (Norse) symbols all over the outside. It is a repeated pattern of four symbols that might be easily looked over, but is also an Easter egg in the show’s opening theme title.


These are arranged in a specific orientation that spells out LOKI in Norse, with the symbols depicting Laguz (water), Othila (separation), Kano (opening), and Isa (ice). It is so impressive that they took the time to add this to the overall aesthetic, on top of inserting a tiny image of Loki’s iconic helmet in the corner of the right lens.

The Groot pair has two really cool small details that stood out me as well. Located at the end of the left temple (otherwise known as arm or leg ; the part of the frame that extends over your ear) is the emblematic Guardians of the Galaxy patch. This patch is shiny and reflective, making it look like the official pin that you would get once you become a Guardian. On the inside of the right temple and at its edge, I AM GROOT is engraved in the walnut-themed frame.


One Size Fits All Model For Adult Glasses

Although GUNNAR had kid editions that had different ranges of sizes, they were not the same style as the adult glasses, and visually leaned more kid-friendly. This is expected for any glasses company, as you never see brands with a wide range of sizes, and usually the type of pair simply works for you or it doesn’t. 

Both pairs are designed perfectly where they stay on the bridge of your nose without falling, even if you are being more active with them and moving your head around a lot. The Loki Asgard pair fit my face perfectly. The Groot pair still looks great on me but the frames and lenses are a little bigger, so would probably look better on someone with a bigger head. That being said, I genuinely love both pairs and will swap them out every few hours or each day during the work week.


Marvel Fans

As a long-time Marvel nerd, it is so cool to see timeless characters like Groot and Loki reflected in the glasses. If these are some of your favorite personalities, then it would be an injustice to withhold from snagging a pair for yourself. They also make a stellar gift for family or friends that you know are super into Marvel. On top of Groot, Loki, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the variety of other Marvel-centric glasses, hardcore gamers should dive into GUNNAR’s gaming collaborations, including World of Warcraft, Rainbow 6-Siege, Diablo IV, and more.

GUNNAR, Groot Marvel Glasses, Product Review

Fashion Connoisseurs & People Who Regularly Wear Glasses

These two glasses, and other editions from GUNNAR, go way beyond Marvel geeks and video game fanatics. The Groot pair embodies a more sophisticated look, and can be paired nicely with any outfit. Contrastingly, the Loki Asgard glasses would be a sick complement to your rave outfits and going to Marvel-themed parties or events. They emulate a sense of self-confidence and that you aren’t afraid to stray from the norm. Obviously, if you have poor eyesight, the prescription lenses for these pairs kill two birds with one stone, allowing you to take care of your vision needs while looking stylish.


Embrace your inner trickster with Loki Asgard Edition Glasses. @16bitSami

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Avid Gamers & Laptop-Based Workers

This product makes complete sense for anyone that is staring at a screen throughout the day, or even for recreational gamers. I especially fit into this category, given that the majority of my job takes place on a laptop. The technology behind both pairs, each of which have an amber tint, have heavily decreased strain on my eyes while working. For professional gamers, not having to worry about getting dry eyes during a tournament or just a regular streaming day is a huge benefit to your career.

GUNNAR, Groot Marvel Glasses, Product Review


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