The woman who claims to be the real person behind Martha in Netflix hit series Baby Reindeer, will give her first TV interview tomorrow (May 9).

Baby Reindeer, which has topped Netflix UK viewership charts for the last three weeks, is a semi-autobiographical series adapted from a one-man play, written by and starring Richard Gadd.

The story follows a struggling comedian named Donny (Gadd) who is stalked and harassed by an older woman named Martha (played by Jessica Gunning). The final episode of the show reveals how Martha, who had already served more than four years in prison for a previous stalking conviction, was jailed for nine months.

Scottish lawyer Fiona Harvey, 58, has come forward and claimed to be the inspiration behind Martha, but has dismissed Baby Reindeer as “a load of rubbish”.

She has reportedly made herself known to the press “because people have to know what is going on,” and has threatened legal action against Gadd.

Now, Harvey will give her first interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, in an attempt to “set the record straight”.

Morgan posted a picture of himself and Harvey on X/Twitter earlier today (May 8) with the caption: “WORLD EXCLUSIVE The real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer breaks cover and gives me her first TV interview about the smash hit Netflix show. Fiona Harvey wants to have her say & ‘set the record straight.’ Is she a psycho stalker? Find out tomorrow⁩”.

Speaking with the Daily Record earlier this month, Harvey explained her issue with the show, saying: “Gadd needs to prove I went to jail which just didn’t happen. I’ve never been sent to jail. That is blatantly obvious.”

She continued: “This is all made up and hyperbole. There are no restraining orders, injunctions or interdicts anywhere. There’s just no way. I’ve not had the police at my door about any of these things.

“It’s a load of rubbish. I don’t have any money but I’m a perfectly capable lawyer so I will represent myself.”

After the show’s release, some viewers attempted to uncover the real identities of characters in the show, including Martha, and Donny’s abuser, Darrien.

Gadd subsequently urged viewers to refrain from speculating, saying: “That’s not the point of our show.”

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