In a male-dominated industry, music production has had an uproar of amazing female producers shaking up the scene. But with the release of their latest 'Bezerk' EP, a two-track volume of tech-house purity, RaeCola wanted to reflect on the sheer number of female DJs and producers who are killing the game this summer season. 

It’s been refreshing to see these ladies bringing electronic music back to its roots in a fresh new way using their unique personal styles. In no particular order, check out these talented women that RaeCola thinks are creating new music history.

In addition to coming in as females, this list of tech-house duo RaeCola's favorite lady-producers is all women of color! So let's dive into the music...

Kaleena Zanders

Starting out, we have the vocal powerhouse Kaleena Zanders. She brings so much soul in her singing, songwriting and production along with her genuine loving energy that you can feel in everything she does. 

Seeing her perform live is a must.


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Artists Who Sound Like: Feed Me

Uniiqu3 is absolutely the club queen. She has been an amazing contributor in Jersey club, pushing the genre to new heights. This is one of our favorite tracks to spin, it hits every single time on the dance floor.

A Hundred Drums

Another producer we can’t go without mentioning is A Hundred Drums. She has such beautifully grounded energy in both her sound and performances. 

Her low end dub and tribal elements keeps even house heads like us super intrigued and her ability to bring people together on the dance floor is impeccable.


Honeyluv has been taking over the house scene with her contagious, catchy bangers. She brings fresh, bright shining energy in all of her sets. She has already made huge waves in the house scene and we are super excited to see all she will accomplish. This year she released her song 'Your Tongue' which already has become a house staple.

Suzi Analogue

Another favorite club queen is Suzi Analogue. Not only is her fashion and energy a statement, but her tracks are just as hot. You can hear her Baltimore upbringing in her music, but she also adds her own experimental and underground edge.