Nora En Pure's Purified Records imprint has been taking the melodic and progressive house world be storm over the past three years. Nora En Pure's championing the sound of the likes Simon Doty, Heard Right, and Cassian has pushed the sound to new levels of popularity. 

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The evolution of the sound on Nora's label sees the release of David Lindermer's 'Altered State.' This latest release is a two-track EP featuring a vocal-driven tune that is paired with a club-friendly progressive groover. 

David Lindmer's 'Altered State' EP

The first track is the namesake of the EP and is a tastefully restricted track whose instrumentation and synth work leaves ample headroom for the vocals to work their magic. 

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Rapid-firing LFO synths have rapidly become a staple in this sound of late, and David Linder uses them to full effect to drive home the energy and heighten the peak moments of 'Altered State.' 

At the halfway point, the track sees its first breakdown and is where the momentum of this track truly shines. The changing instrumentation, where electric synths are replaced with lush strings, creates a heartfelt moment that is soon contracted against the rhythmic pluck of the bass that creates a truly impactful moment.   

From a pure energy perspective, 'Mission Control' is the opposite side of the leading single's coin.

Featuring pounding percussions and driving low-end power, this record screams dark clubs and flashing peak-time lights. This effect doubles on the impact created throughout the record as it features few moments of respite or breaks; focusing instead on the steady thrum of the groove and staccato synths on top.  

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