Today, Magnetic brings you an exclusive premiere from the legendary label Mute Records. Taken from her debut album, Ora The Molecule's Die To Be A Butterfly receives an outstanding Italo-disco remix from heavyweight TERR. Before even pressing play, you already know TERR has something special in-store, and her remix delivers on all fronts.

It's fun, it's groovy, and it's full of flair, something TERR has mastered over her career. The pulsating bassline, shimmering pads, and floaty vocals envoke feelings of carefree summer nights dancing your heart out.  

"I adore the remix, proper Italo disco! TERR has captured the vibe of the song and the remix stays true to the message. It's quirky, fun, sassy, and energizing. I love it and will play it the whole summer! I am a big fan!" - Nora

“It's great to see that Mute, after all these decades of brilliant music, still can find new gems like Ora The Molecule - fresh, beautiful music. For me, it was a fun creative process to work on this beautiful track, as I already loved the original version. I tried to translate it to my style, to make it a little more dance-oriented, so everyone can enjoy it in the clubs too.” - TERR