iPhone owning DJs will now be able to record their mixes onto iOS supported devices DJM-REC, a new app from .

DJM-REC allows users to transfer mixes directly from controller to an iOS gadget the board’s USB send and return port. The app is able to “remote control” the peak limiter on the DJM controller collection, thus eliminating the potential for recording clips. The app additionally automatically records fader movements and time stamps, simplifying the tracklisting process.

Given that DJM-REC records USB, DJs that download the app will not need to convert the audio file from analogue to digital — the mix will be ready for upload to a variety social media platforms like and from within the DJM-REC app.

The app is currently available for download from the Apple Store for £9.99. Intended downloaders will need to verify that their mixers are compatible with the app, as DJM-REC will only work with the DJM-TOUR1, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-750MK2, and the DJM-450 models.

Pioneer DJ have not indicated that an Android edition the app is forthcoming, but if the iOS version proves to be successful, it’s safe to assume that Pioneer developers will look to expand operating system access.