While the Area 51 music festival Alienstock may have been cancelled due to safety and infrastructure concerns, some people are still arriving at the supposed site of alien activity to raid the US base on September 20. Now it's been announced that this raid will supposedly be live streamed.

An "immersive entertainment" company called AREA15 has announced its plans to film the Area 51 raid. It posted a statement on Twitter to declare that a video will be captured: "Everyone that signed up to StormArea51 may have called it quits. Not us! We found a small group who are still going to make a (Naruto) run for it to set the aliens free... and we're going in with them. Well, our camera guy is at least."

While the excitement to storm Area 51 was sparked due to a joke Facebook event page 'Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us', today people are beginning to show up to areas surrounding the base. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, a collection of campers and tents have been set up just off Route 375 in Rachel, NV. One attendee said, "We’re here for the spectacle.”

Many will surely show up to Rachel for Alienstock, but the city has released a statement urging people to stay away: "At this time we have to warn people against coming to Rachel for the botched Storm Rachel event this weekend. The organizers are suing each other and in the meantime nothing is being done to prepare for the event. We expect riots when those visitors that may show up and paid good money find out that the reality looks nothing like what they were promised. People will get hurt. STAY AWAY FROM RACHEL THIS WEEKEND!"

Alienstock has dubbed "Fyre Fest 2.0".

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