St. Louis-based DJ and producer Notaker returns to prolific label mau5trap with his second release of 2021. Taking elements from across the progressive house, trance, breakbeat, and underground spectrums, “SMYL” is one of the biggest dancefloor weapons to join the discography of the genre entangler himself.  Out now, “SMYL” marks his official return to the mau5trap label since making his debut with his EREBUS I EP in 2018.

At the heels of releasing “Echelon”, his first single of the year, Notaker wastes no time as he unveils one of his most innovative and pivotal works yet, “SMYL”. Although he’s best known for his pristine midtempo and electro sound design, his latest cut sees Notaker experiment with breaks and emotive crescendos while preserving his knack for creating wholly immersive sonic experiences with narrative elements. When the world was placed on hold, Notaker yearned to make music that reminded him of the most euphoric moments on the dancefloor. “I wanted to create something that can only be described as the sound you’d hear at 3 am in a packed sweaty warehouse,” Notaker says, “the booming kicks and panning melodies are complemented by a classic vocal sample that will take you for a modern ride down nostalgia lane.”

Stream “SMYL” on all platforms here, or find it below on Spotify.