New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Member Rafael Espinal announced the appointment the city’s first-ever Nightlife Mayor, Ariel Palitz, on March 8. Palitz will head The Office Nightlife that New York’s Consumer Affairs Committee into establishment in August.

“I’ve always been a nocturnal person,” Palitz told The New York Times. “Nocturnal people just sort gravitate toward nightlife. But I don’t think that will change even if I have to be in the fice at 9 AM.” Palitz additionally told the Times that she  will host a series listening sessions to hear about issues presented by residents and venue owners alike in her intention to focus on conflict remediation.

Espinal, who was instrumental in the  the city’s Cabaret Law in November, has since released a statement championing Palitz for the position. “It is exciting to learn that NYC’s first Nightlife Mayor is a female with a strong background in nightlife and community advocacy. I believe the nightlife community will have a well-rounded voice in Ariel Palitz and the administration will have a unique perspective on nightlife issues,” Espinal said, “There is a lot work to do and I look forward to working with Ariel as I continue advocating for the independent venues and DIY community that desperately needs the city’s support to come out the bureaucratic shadows.”

Palitz will earn a salary $130,000 a year in order to lead a mayoral fice with a $300,000 budget and a 12-person advisory board.