As an artist, your primary focus on the come should be consistency and getting better with each release. Every fan is looking to grow with an artist in a sense, and constantly evolving your sound in the early stages will keep them engaged. One artist who has the consistency part down, always releasing new music, is Milwaukee’s own Big Tone WrightSt.

From the streets of MKE and 41st Wright St, to be exact, Big Tone is an up-and-coming artist who has quietly made a name for himself in the underground scene. The creative is known for his versatility and passionate, authentic street sound.

Big Tone WrightSt began releasing music on major platforms just this year and has already dropped a single and two albums. His latest project, “August 8th,” was released on August 8th to celebrate his 25th birthday.

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Big Tone is slowly becoming more comfortable with his sound. The last album was still a test run of a raw talent figuring out what fans like the most. The talent is sure to make his noise when the time is right.

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