Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and getting out into nature is an essential way for us to recharge, reset, and reconnect. And when you are out in the wilderness, nothing can help elevate the experience than listening to music you dig by DJs you love.

While listening to your favorite playlist might help pass the time while you walk, discovering new blends, music, and artists only adds an even new level of discovery to your day outdoors. 

This is why we sat down with Skysia, a Denver-based producer whose inspiration is pulled directly from the natural world surrounding the city, and asked him which of his favorite DJ mixes are his favorite to listen to while hiking on the trails and mountains of Colorado. 

Stream Skysia and Illoh's "Fragments" Below

Made in collaboration with Illoh, this downtempo groover sheds an interesting light on how these two producers experience the beautiful world around them. As self-described nature enthusiasts, what can half-timed wubz and textural sound design say about what how they find their inspiration?

Well, after listening to the latest single the answer is clear.

When listening to this latest single from start to finish, you are almost forced to slow down and reflect on what's going on around you. Both the textures and minimalistic approach to the composition allow for little distraction as you take in the beauty of everything else around you. 

I personally have the tendency to race through my hikes, covering as much ground s possible in as short an amount of time as I can. But listening to this track as I walked down the road forced me to slow my pace, take in all the nuances (in the song and in what I saw), and let me see it all in a new light.

“Floating through realities. Fragmented spaces and alternate timelines. We find ourselves lost within a forest. Distant voices pull us toward the void. As the mist clears, we see reality is crumbling. Pieces fall apart only to come together again as something new emerges from the fragments.” - Skysia

Skysia - June Jam Festival 2022 | Sunrise Set

For me, this mix is perfect for a long hike. Much of my music and the stories I create are centered around nature, and this mix is no exception. 

This sunrise set is a good representation of my style because it explores both sides of my sound. Taking the listener on a journey from dark to light.

"Through the Mist" (30 Minutes of Original Music)

Anything made by Charlesthefirst will always be perfect for a hike. His textures, atmospheres, and complex sound design reflect this earth's beautiful yet chaotic nature. 

This mix sets the mood for a self-reflective hike in the woods. Dive and listen with deep intention.

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CloZee - Emergence Livestream 2021

It's hard to pick a favorite mix from Clozee because they are so well crafted. This one is for anyone who likes to hike at a faster pace and wants something that will keep your heart rate up! 

This mix is sure to fire up your inner adventurer. It also features some of my favorite producers out there right now!

Sunrise Diaries Vol. VI

Prescription Hugs always knows how to craft such an elegant story. He finds ways to create bass-heavy journeys filled with emotion and heart. Ambient, deep, and created with intention, this mix is perfect for a stroll in nature.

Tor's Origins Mix 03

Switching up styles here a little bit. Tor sits within the realm of downtempo and has been a favorite of mine for years. His melodies are sure to spark some reflective thoughts. 

His meditative energy and warm atmospherics are great companions for quiet wanders.

Bonobo 'Black Sands' Album Mini Mix

For me, Black Sands by Bonobo is one of the best albums ever. It's one of those albums you must hear from start to finish. The album itself could feel like a mix. 

Something that takes you on a complete journey. This album is one of my biggest inspirations and one of the reasons I became a music producer.

Chmura's 2022 Unreleased Mix

Denver-based producer Chmura is making considerable waves in the bass music scene. 

He combines heavy sound design with beautiful melodies and angelic vocals, providing a fresh palette of sounds. He is crafting something extraordinary, and I have a soft spot for tunes that balance light and dark. 

I feature a lot of Chmura tunes in my mixes and live sets and find his music perfect for a walk within the trees.

Euphoric Transmission 003: Supertask

This mix by Supertask is nice and slow. It's perfect for a calmer hike. One where you take in your surroundings. 

Supertask has always been able to express complexity within simple ideas and phrases. Nature tells a similar story, Simple and beautiful on the outside yet deeply complex underneath the surface.