MitiS is the best thing to come out of Philadelphia since the cheesesteak. The melodic maestro that is Joe Torre has released the long-awaited part six to his Life of Sin series on his own label Born Records. MitiS is known for his intensely beautiful melodies. That being said, his LoS arrangements are on another level. It is almost as if MitiS uses these stunning tracks to make up for the sins of his past. I think it's fair to say that he has been resolved, but don’t tell him that or these musical confessions may come to an end.

The sixth installment of Life of Sin has that soaring over the top of clouds feeling that MitiS has perfected. Beautiful synths pluck away at a melody while upbeat percussion set the pace. That melody, much like the one from my personal favorite Part Three, has a floating feeling that I get lost in every single time I listen to it. I won't lie to you, I have been using the Life of Sin series as a form of anger management for years. It is simply impossible to be in a bad mood with these songs on a loop. Even in my most trying times by the third time through I would go from blind rage to tears of joy. This latest addition to the series is a perfect fit. See for yourself, check out all the past sins of MitiS below.

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