Rising Australian duo Midnight Pool Party is back and better than ever! Midnight Pool Party enjoy a bit of genre-bending as they blend their staple disco infused sounds with contemporary hip-hop and R&B elements, ultimately creating a sound and style that and EDM lover can enjoy. “Nonchalant” highlights the groups fresh sound design and ability to keep it versatile in all their music. This one reminds me that summer is right around the corner, and put a smile on my face. Read a quote Midnight Pool Party below and under that check out “Nonchalant”!

“I wrote this song because I found myself deep in a social situation that I shouldn't have involved myself in, and all I could do was relax and try and stay cool. So this was my way of expressing that situation in my life.We hope this song brings a little bit of happiness into the world which is so full of fear and anxiety right now.We hope it makes you smile.” – Midnight Pool Party