has grown past a simple gathering and into a phenomenon that has gained national interest.  and his flock have created a truly unforgettable experience that harkens back to childhood memories while also fering an immersive transformational festival experience — complete with an endless supply rage-worthy music. 2018 marks a milestone year, in which the Campout ventures eastward for its first time to enjoy a sunny jaunt in Florida amidst the winter months. Ahead its , we assembled a batch artist “counselors” from the roster and grilled them on camping memories, their careers, and more.

The name “” bespeaks a caliber musical production and an attention to detail that is continually evinced by the releases stamped with the name. Since 2009, the German producer has grown to become a marker musical mastery and dexterity in the electronic sector, with his music appearing on a diverse body imprints, including Cocoon, , Kompakt, 2020 Vision, and , among others.

A constituent the three-part collective which defines itself as a “little DIY cosmos,” Rampa is joined by and  as they work to spread the musical message their brand & label the same name. Rampa’s individual productions, but also as a stimulating collaborative platform for the trio. One particularly memorable release theirs is their first album, Are You Safe, which came out in November 2017.

Rampa’s prowess as a producer is not only powerful, but potently so — hence his inclusion on the lineup for Dirtybird Campout East’s inaugural iteration. His recent increased focus on the intricacies music production can be expected to seamlessly translate into a live performance at St. Cloud that will be nothing short complex, and nothing less than stunning in its construction.

What has been your proudest career accomplishment thus far?
To be able to cancel all shows, stay home, chill and create music that is relevant to me.

Where do you find the most inspiration to create new music?
By being fline and chill…the less I have on my ‘to do’ list, the easier the ideas come. Being bored for me is a positive thing. I wish the whole world could shut the f*ck up a few days per year. Imagine how dope that would be. After that, we party hard again course ;)

What essential camping items can you not live without?
That’s a nice question…the answer is maybe not so thrilling: a knife, a lighter, and a drum.

How would you survive if you were stranded in the woods for a week?
Easily. I grew up on a farm in the blackforrest. I’d build a hut, hunt, and would enjoy one week quiet chill time.

What are you looking forward to most about Dirtybird Campout East?
To listen to nice music on a nice sound system in nature.

What is your craziest camping memory?
Not super crazy but the only memory…I went camping only one time in my life. Second day I met this girl, she stayed in a hotel nearby…lucky me, rest the trip I slept in the hotel too

 If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?
Uff that question is a little mean…I see  and Adam Port] all the time anyways, so it would be , , and I think