Peter Makto is a man of many talents...

He's DJ'd alongside living legends such as Hernán Cattáneo and Eelke Kljein. He has released music on esteemed labels like Where The Heart Is and Hoomidaas. 

He even runs his own label - Truesounds Music!

And it is on this label that he's dropping his latest release; a remix for MRSFLV's 'I Feel The Love' which Magnetic premiered days ahead of the official release. 

MRSFLV - I Feel The Love (Peter Makto Remix)

Peter's complete mastery of production is out in full force in this latest remix, with artfully crafted, delayed, and affected percussion that add energy and impact to the biggest moments of the record.

From there, a warm and methodical arpeggiator drives the energy home and keeps every bar fresh and impactful while the vocals drift over the top.  

And to pour fuel on the fire of this powerful record, Peter curated an hour long mix to be featured on our weekly Magnetic Mix series.

When curating the mix, Peter Makto had this to say: 

'This mix is a fingerprint of me. I had my longest relationship ever in my life; six years. It was a twin flame with many ups and down. I had to make a decision to split, better for us but still have deep emotions. When I start to make a podcast or a set, it is always a mirror of me. This one is a bit "heavy heart” severe feeling, but massive in its beats and the grooves with some vocals that are like metaphors about our “never ending” stories…' Peter Makto  (May 24th, 2022)

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