David Hohme’s yearly Where My Hearts Is is finally here! 

This is the fourth volume of David’s flagship release on his label: Where The Heart Is Records and showcases the best, most exciting tracks set to release over the coming year.

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The mix features unreleased music from industry veterans such as Jody Wisternoff, Hraach, and Erdi Irmak alongside some rising talent in the world of melodic house, techno, and progressive house music.

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“Every Where My Heart Is mix is a continuation of the goal I set off to accomplish with Where The Heart Is Records; to give back and support the incredibly talented producers who make the music I love and play in my shows. It’s an opportunity for me to create a seamless, long-form listening experience to share the amazing unreleased music coming soon on the label and put these incredible artists on a pedestal; forever physicalizing it in form of vinyl and CD” - David Hohme (May 24th, 2022)

Stream David Hohme's Where My Heart Is Vol. 4 Below

David Hohme Interview

We had a chance to sit down with David Hohme in his Portland, Oregon studio to talk about what it's like to press an entire year's worth of releases into one continuous mix.

This is the fourth version of your Where My Heart Is yearly mix. What have you learned most about putting these mixes together over the years?

I'm constantly learning, again and again, how much more intricate and time-consuming releasing music can be, especially when you're including upwards of 20 artists on one release like these mixes. 

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What is organic house?


From the outside, you would never know the million steps that are in between me receiving the first song I include until this moment; the release day. 

I continually learn how much work my peers in the industry are doing, and simultaneously gain more and more respect for those in the industry who are laboring for the love of this music... 

Because for most, that's what it is... a labor of love.

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Apart from the actual music included, how is this mix different from the past three WMHI mixes you have released?

This mix is different because this is the first time it's been released made up entirely of unreleased forthcoming songs. 

Can't wait for everyone to hear all the amazing stuff I'm lucky enough to release!

Tell us how this mix came together? I'd love to hear about the big struggles and small victories along the way that brought this mix to release.

This mix was done over a year ago.... 

The biggest struggles with this has been the COVID-related delays in the vinyl industry. It was super tough to have to continually disappoint the featured artists with news that I couldn't control. 

The victory though is all of the artists were super patient and understanding.

Some people love listening to mixes with a glass of wine, cup of tea, or laying in bed in their boxers. How do you recommend people get the best possible listening experience while listening to WMHI004?

Headphones – It doesn't matter where you are or you're doing... 

I just fundamentally believe that music, and specifically music that doesn't rely on lyrical content, is best consumed in an all encompassing environment and headphones are the best way to lose yourself in the mental journey the music will take you on. 

So yea... what you said before and everywhere in between...working out, studying, performing open heart surgery (true story, shoot me a DM I'll tell you about it) and everything in between.

The vinyl includes entirely unreleased music, which makes it feel more like the start of a chapter than a finale. What's to come with you and your label; Where The Heart Is Records? 

We've got bi-monthly releases scheduling all the way out until early 2023, so expect all of these stellar songs on the mix to be released along with other singles by the artists, as well as some additional remixes