DJ, producer, promoter co-label owner and cat mom, Bell Curve is next up for us in our Magnetic Mix series. The New York based Bell Curve released her debut album Unstable Orbit this month (she is big into alien stuff), exploring new and alien worlds with her music. The project taps into jungle, footwork, grime, techno, dancehall and a bit of everything in between, always making sure to keep you on your toes with an eye on what club music can be.

That same eye for innovation continues into this mix that doesn’t mess around from the jump. She mixes 32 songs in just over an hour, so it has some excellent pacing to it. It still has plenty of style and grace, with selections by the likes of Mana Drop, Slikback, Zuli, Air Max 97 and loads from her new album.

As she tells us, this is for dancing around the house like a maniac and with fourth of July celebrations coming up, there is no better time to do some of that.

“This mix is a blend of new tracks I’m digging, music from my newly released debut album (half the tracks off it in fact!), and classic favorite tunes of mine,” explains Bell Curve. “A ravey hour of speedy electro, garage, club, bass, techno, jungle, drum & bass and more. A good mix for dancing around the house like a maniac. I almost always play pretty ‘hard’ music but this is especially so, guess I was just in the mood for some sonic therapy!”


1. Bell Curve - Memory Dropbox
3. Nookie - Kaeya (Rage Mix)
4. Breaka & Frazer Ray - Phones Ringin
5. Heritage - The Revelation
6. Air Max 97 - Progress & Memory (Neana Remix)
7. J. Tijn - Gut
8. Irv Gotti - Down 4 U (D’n’D’ Conemelt Mix)
9. SALOME & Volruptus - Crave
10. Mc Nas-D - Girlz Wit All Da Booty (Raw Takes Edit)
11. Hanger Management - Insulin
12. Bell Curve - New Realms
13. Slikback - NOBORU
14. Bell Curve - Dissolve
15. Bell Curve - Divide
16. Bell Curve & Strategy - Spacey
17. Mana Drop - Suddenly
18. Sully - Poison
19. Harka - Massive
20. Zuli - Penicillin Duck
21. ETRA - DPR
22. Loxy, Ink, Resound & Gremlinz - Headz Roll (Loxy, Ink, Resound, & Gremlinz Remix)
23. High Contrast - Windows 95 (Bladerunner Remix)
24. Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)
25. Amit - Killer Driller
26. Amal - Shine
27. Holidayboy Slurp - Ego Cowboy [HalldoritosLaxnessMix]
28. Swayz - Raw Dred
29. Kelman Duran - 1984, Primero, Ultimo
30. Sim - Big Mac
31. Alter Echo & E3 - Call Mi Name
32. Bell Curve - Lifted (ft. Rider Shafique)