Women in underground dance music are finally getting the spotlight they deserve. Artists like , , and have made a dramatic entrance into the scene as some its most promising new talents, while stalwarts like , , and continue to show f their edge around the world.

Made In Paris is another rising powerhouse, and her resume is already quite impressive. The Australian talent has carved her own niche in the melodic tech realm, earning acclaim and support from the likes Richie Hawtin, deadmau5, Maceo Plex, and more.

Erratic is yet another testament to her talent. The three-track EP, released through Upon Access, is a multifaceted affair that shows f her production range.

Its eponymous opener kicks things f on an almost tribal note, lacing together enticing drum patterns and jarring melodies in to a deep canvas. It summons carnal feelings, bringing imagery natural landscapes and unified movement to mind.

“Dispatch” is even more tense than its preceding track, using pianos and a chromatic ascending melody to catalyze goosebumps, and tougher kicks for added impact. Likewise, the “Journey Mix” rendition the piece is even more brooding, with heightened continuity and added white noise.

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