Fatboy Slim and Eats Everything have rolled out their new track, 'All The Ladies'.

It's a hefty club banger forged by the pair, who have become friends after a series of back-to-back sets at various parties and a number of encounters in the field of dreams, Glastonbury.

Fatboy Slim and Eats Everything first played together in 2017 at elrow, then met again on stage at Arcadia and at a more intimate soiree on a rooftop in Brighton. Eats then lured Fatboy into the studio after a lot of persistent WhatsApp messages and 'All The Ladies' was born.

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‘‘Norm and I had been talking about doing something together in the studio for a while, but he doesn’t venture into the studio very often these days. So, to get him to come down to my place and make something was as mint as it was surprising," Eats said.

Pre-order the track now and get the first play below.

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